Simulations for evacuating audiences from buildings and Smoke management

The rules of construction and regulations, require the minimum for safe planning and safety of skyscrapers. However, Additional safety measures are often needed to reduce the risks associated with their complexity of structures and possible difficulties in firefighting and rescue operations.

From an engineering point of view, the simulation itself based on the technique of numerical model. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the use of this method to simulate the behavior of smoke in buildings and underground structures such as railway stations and tunnels. We use the imaging technique as an ordinary part that joins the design task in the structure, such as verifying the future performance of the ventilation and air conditioning system which constitute the most significant part of the evacuation of smoke in the building during a fire. Also, At Eidan, we use this technique during the investigation stages of the events, and the release of the smoke was part of the evacuation process in the structure and, of course, in cases in which the development and understanding of a particular flow process are involved within a populated structure.

Eidan Group performs computerized simulations on a computerized model designed by the world's most advanced computing aids. All this to present the evacuation and planning options required for the defence systems.

Safety planning of complex buildings and skyscrapers

Evacuating audiences in emergency situations from skyscrapers

Computerized simulation of structural defense systems