Fire Protection and Life Safety Consulting

The company provides consulting and engineering design services in the field of fire protection and human life saving at the most professional engineering level with more than thirty-five years of experience in planning thousands of creative solutions in the field.

Professional in interpreting the relevant laws and regulations of Israelis and Americans, while complying with the requirements of the authorities. The company's team is professional and skilled and carries out its work against all the challenges in the construction market, including the skyscrapers, tunnels and complex structures currently being built, in order to ensure safe buildings for the protection of users, visitors and property owners.

The engineering and management teams of Eidan Group are known and recognized by the best architects, engineers, government agencies, development standards institutes, jurists and builders of the country and to their satisfaction in any type of project.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Design & Consulting

Smoke Computerized Simulation

Smoke Management design and consulting