Business Licensing and Construction Permits

The company engineers have a unique engineering background in the field of civil engineering, fire safety engineering, systems planning and the ability and experience of working with the licensing authorities. The company's skilled team is engaged in large and complex projects that encompass many facilities and various elements that require standardization, issuance of various types of permits, and a business license for the activity required by the Business Licensing Law. The Company is working to license infrastructure facilities, facilities gas and oil, terminals and complex projects of various types such as tunnels and infrastructure and high complex construction.

The company has close working relations with:

The Standards Institution of Israel

The US Institute of Technology Standards: The Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST

The National Fire Protection Association - NFPA

Which is also located in the United States and some of the standards adopted by the Israeli authorities and were determined as an integral part of the approval of buildings prior to their occupancy.

Issuing permits of various types

Business license for activities under the Business Licensing Law

The Standards Institution of Israel