Civil, Fire Protection and  Life Safety 

Eidan Group provides advanced and creative Engineering solutions in Civil, Fire Protection and Life Safety to any size buildings and complex projects. The Group's Executives has the capacity and access to financial tools to provide the projects with Turn Key Solutions.

The Group Tradition

At Eidan Group, we are committed to building new standards for tomorrow tradition. These all are the shared values, principles, and behavior that we follow in providing high-quality services throughout every one of our professional companies, partners, and products.

Engineering Solutions based On Thirty Years of Experience

Committed to new standards for tomorrow tradition and to serve you better than ever. We serve our clients In Israel, Europe, Africa, and the US to provide the best and most efficient solutions to its needs and requirements.

Experts with High Accountability

Since 1983, today, the group's teams operate from the central offices in Rishon Le Zion Israel. Every employee, manager, and director throughout the organization is expected to adhere to our core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Accountability.

  Eidan's Goals

  • To consult its clients on Civil, Safety, and Fire Protection Engineering.

  • Building new and advanced standards for tomorrow's tradition.

  • Prediction of events via 3D Smoke Control Models.

  • To educate and train at Academic level.

  • To provide the best and most efficient engineering solutions.

  • To manage Large Scale of Projects.

  Eidan's Expertise

  • Consult with Disaster Management, Safety, Fire Protection and Security.

  • To tailor-made E One's apparatus upon its client's needs.

  • Provide any project with Turn Key Solutions.

  • To consult on minerals and mining methods.

  • To Construct Green Neighborhood with advanced agriculture projects.


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